Friday, September 4, 2009

Synod Communicators Wrap-up

Yesterday I attended the second and basically last day of the Synod Communicator’s Conference in Bloomington. Approximately 25 of us met to discuss how we in the church—and especially the PC(USA) can do more than less.

Highlights for me included:
Shane Whisler speaking about Presbyterian Neighbor News. Through Synod and Presbytery communicators he is working on setting up a network through a web site where local people write articles about happenings in their Presbyterian church and/or their Presbytery. The tag line on the web site says it best: “One Presbyterian stream flowing through every Presbyterian neighborhood.” We can sign up to receive information about the local events in our Synod. Check it out at:

Listening to Manley Olson speak about preparations for General Assembly. Twin Cities Area Presbytery is attending the next General Assembly next July, 2010. He is the co-chair of the local arrangements committee. I enjoyed his whimsical presentation style. He is a General Assembly veteran—a person who sees General Assembly as a family reunion. Imagine that--we can get together as Presbyterians and be family and not fighters.

Joan Benson gave an excellent presentation on writing for the web. She shared that writing for the web must be shorter, lively, hyperlinked and have a personal voice. She led us through some fun, writing exercises. She gave us a biblical story and also a news story and had us write a version of each in 160 characters. She shares an excellent blog on writing at:

I am impressed that we have main-line communicators who are trying to engage new media and who are trying to figure out how to be effective in this new media. We’ve come a long way from the typed newsletter printed on a stencil! The church doesn’t have to be the bastion of communication methods used by our grandparents. Congratulations to Duane Sweep at the Synod Office for continuing to engage this important issue.


The Presbytery of Des Moines said...

We have come along way and God is calling us to do more. Thanks for blogging Paul - one more way of spreading the Good News! Great conference/workshops and good fellowship with other Christians always makes for wonderful experiences and learning.

Chainoflakesncd said...

Thanks, Ann for the comment.
Let's keep praying that the church can stay current in the way it communicates with the world!