Monday, October 6, 2008

We're Moving Ahead!

The pastor nominating committee is well along in the process of identifying candidates for the organizing pastor position. To date, the committee has received and reviewed thirty-six PIFs (Personal Information Forms) from ministers expressing interest in the position. This represents significant progress toward the second, or "organizing," phase of this promising new church development. The goal is to have selected a candidate by the end of the year so the organizing pastor can be on the field in early 2009.

Currently we're nearing the end of the first, or "gathering," phase of this church development vision. Since last January we've sought to lay the foundations by publicizing our efforts in the local community and gathering a group of persons who have sensed God's call to help pull the new church together. The new organizing pastor will work with this committed leadership group to begin growing the new faith community and locating a site where regular worship, nurture and service programs can be offered.

We're excited about how God is opening the way for this new Christian community in the Chain of Lakes area. While we're sponsored by a particular denomination that has a long tradition of mission and service in the name of Jesus Christ, that denominational identity is more about the way we're organized than the ways in which we may choose to fulfill our calling as disciples of Jesus. If you're seeking a community in which to build--or rebuild--a relationship with God and are energized by the challenge of building a community of faith from the ground up, I hope you'll consider joining us on the journey!

Grace and peace,
Pastor David

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