Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week at Chain of Lakes Church!

The weather is terrible—I was up at 5:45 a.m. this morning digging out one of our cars that got stuck in our driveway.

The good news is that Easter is coming!  And we have some wonderful services and ministries taking place over the next four days at Chain of Lakes.. 

Tonight we are gathering at Da Vinci Academy at 7:00 p.m. to celebrate Maundy or Holy Thursday worship.  We will be blessed by a drama called “The Trial of Jesus” that Mary Ann Archer and Sally Narr wrote.  The two of them put together a group of people from our new congregation who will be presenting the Trial.  We will celebrate Communion.  Child Care is available.

On Saturday, April 19th we will enjoy the second Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt on the Chain of Lakes property.  Last year’s event was held in the snow, so a foot of snow is not going to stop us this year.  The Steering Committee of our new congregation has stepped up to the plate to organize the event.  We will have prizes and the Easter Bunny is showing up!

This Sunday, April 20th we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in worship.  We will enjoy the choir, terrific music, a video, a sermon, and most importantly the presence of God.  We’ve been working on this service for over a month, so I can’t wait to see how the Spirit works. 

Come join us at Chain of Lakes to remember the most inspiring drama that has ever happened—the last four days of the life of Jesus.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Benefit Breakfast for Homeless Teens

I want to invite the community to a “Benefit Breakfast for Homeless Teens” which will take place this Sunday, April 13th from 9:00 to 10:15 a.m. at Da Vinci Academy in Blaine.  (131st Ave and Central)  The breakfast is sponsored by Chain of Lakes Church. 

All of the proceeds of the breakfast will be given to Tiger Take-Out, a food shelf set up for students at Blaine High School.  Tickets at $8 for individuals and $20 for a family.  They can be purchased at the door or on-line at 

At the breakfast Robin Burge-Ross will speak.  She is the Homeless Lead at Blaine High School.  She has shared with us that at least 35 students at Blaine High School are identified as homeless.  She has direct contact with these students and understands their needs. 

Robin is a terrific advocate for homeless teens.  She is part of a movement in Anoka County to end homeless for teenagers by 2024.  During this school year 750 teens have been identified as homeless.  Twenty percent of them are unaccompanied, which means they don’t have contact with a parent or guardian.  These statistics are sobering and are a shock to many people who live in Anoka County.

Something needs to be done about this!!  I am deeply grateful that the people at Chain of Lakes want to help. 

During worship this Sunday, Jerry Streich will speak.  He is the Fire Chief of Centennial Fire Department.  He was homeless when he was a teenager.  His story shows that with some help these teenagers can develop into adults who make a contribution to our world.  I will interview Robin in an effort to learn more about what can be done.

Please come join us this Sunday and be part of a movement to end homelessness among teenagers!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Signs of spring. Twins Hope Opener

The temperature hit 62 yesterday in the Twin Cities Metro and the Twins’ Home Opener is today, so let’s just declare winter over.

I’ve never had the opportunity to attend a Home Opener, though I did attend a Home Opener in Kansas City in 1974 between the Royals and the Twins.  However I’ve spent plenty of time at Target Field the past four seasons.  Our neighbors and I have split a 20-game season ticket package for the Twins for the past four years.  Even though the Twins’ record over the past three years has been terrible, I’ve never thought about not renewing.  Our first game is this Friday night, and I can’t wait to go.

The Home Opener is all about hope.  Who cares is we’ve lost 90 games the past three years—we haven’t lost a game at home yet.  Who cares if our starting line-up doesn’t look that much better than last year—we’ve scored the most runs in the American League so far this season.  Who cares if there is still snow on the ground—Target Field is ready! 

My Dad and I had the privilege of watching the Twins in Fort Myers two weeks ago.  The Twins played well, though everyone we talked to were concerned about their hitting.  But no matter –today is the Home Opener—and we’re all filled with hope.

I’ve been a Twins fan every since I could turn on a Radio.  I have wonderful memories of listening to Herb Carneal on WCCO and attending games on Knothole Day at Metropolitan Stadium.  I spent plenty of time at the Metrodome and forgot how much fan it is to watch baseball outdoors.  I could tell you exactly where I was in 1987 and 1991 when the Twins won the World Series.  I’ve done plenty of cursing too—but let’s save that for another day—today is the Home Opener.

I’m a Twins fan for life.  They are probably the only professional team in the Metro for whom I won’t jump off the wagon.  I’ve been very critical of their play the past three years, but I’ll always be a fan.

It will be hard to work this afternoon while the Twins are playing at Target Field.    Go Twins!