Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vikings blogger contest

The Star Tribune is sponsoring a Vikings blogger contest. They are soliciting blogs on questions about the Vikings and then choosing one person to write a blog during the season. I took the bait and entered the contest. The following is my entry. I'm replying to the question, Evaluate the progress of coach Brad Childress. What does he need to do in his fourth year to warrant a contract extension? We were required to write a blog in 250 words or less. The following is my submission. What you do think? Do I have a chance? Or are my prospects about the same as the Vikings' prospects to win the Super Bowl>

I’ve watched the Vikings’ fall short ever since Joe Kapp cried out “40 for 60.” Brad Childress has followed a long tradition of decent but unspectacular Viking coaches. Childress doesn’t have to be spectacular to warrant a contract extension, but he has to prove he can win a big game.

In Childress Zygi Wilf hired someone who wasn’t going to embarrass our Minnesota sensibilities. We don’t have to worry about a “Love Boat” or wonder if Childress is going to criticize his kicker on talk radio immediately after an emotional loss. We get it—the guy is a professional act. But even Minnesotans can’ tolerate vanilla forever. Okay, the guy isn’t Bud Grant—he said so himself—but Childress hasn’t convinced me he can outcoach his opponent when the season is on the line.

Childress has given us three seasons of .500 football. I’ll give him the first season as a mulligan. But in the last two Childress slipped when he had the opportunity to take us some place special. Two years ago the Vikings laid an egg against the Redskins and missed the playoffs; last year the Vikings made the playoffs, but laid an egg against the Eagles. In classic Vikings’ tradition Childress disappointed when it counted.

I have no doubt that Childress will be competent against the teams he should beat. Win in a big spot—and this Vikings’ fan will be in your corner.

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