Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grandma Maxine's 95th birthday

This past Monday, my mom’s family gathered to celebrate her mother’s 95th birthday. Grandma Maxine. We certainly celebrated the passing of another year of life, but really when we celebrate my grandmother we recognize her style and panache.

Grandma Maxine was driven to her celebration in a 1925 Model A car. She sat elegantly in the front seat dressed in a classy red and white outfit. As long as Grandma Maxine is around Talbott’s will always do well. Her three children squished in the backseat and enjoyed the ride.

Grandma Maxine got ready for her party by golfing nine holes this past Saturday and three holes on Sunday. How many 95 year olds can do that? How many 25 year olds can do that?

She took up golf in her sixties and has become such a fixture at the Zumbro Valley golf club that she was given a lifetime membership. That course has caused me to confess my use of language more than once. It’s a short, winding, hilly course with small greens that rewards good chipping and putting. When I golf with my grandma she frequently beats me—she would probably beat me if we went today.

One of my favorite golfing memories of Grandma Maxine is watching her putt. She would have a tee in her mouth and swing a pink putter over the ball like a pendulum. Then after she hit the ball she would twist her body almost willing the ball through her twist to go into the hole. Many times it worked!

This week she will probably play bridge at the country club and go to church, where she was the organist for at least 50 years.

She still lives at home in a townhome. She refuses to let anyone cook for her and probably won’t like it that I even mentioned that in this blog.

It was a privilege to celebrate with her this past Monday. I do believe that her entire family came—three kids, seven grandkids, 16 great-grandkids, and one great-great granddaughter.
Grandma Maxine still has plenty of life in her. This fall she is traveling with her children to the Smoky Mountains.

Her life is the type that most of us want to live at ninety-five.

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