Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Metrodome Magic

Wow. “Metrodome Magic” is a new phrase that has entered the Minnesota lexicon in the past seven days. Even though I don’t believe in magic or even luck, I don’t know how else to explain how the Twins won last night.

The game brought new meaning to heart-stopping. From now on whenever I watch a tense game I’ll compare the drama to last night’s thriller. I thought the Twins would lose when they were down 3-0. Then I thought they would win when they went ahead in the 7th. Then I experienced the heart-stopping zaniness of thinking they had lost it in the 8th, won it in the 8th, lost it in the 9th, won it in the 9th, lost it in the 10th, won it in the 10th, lost it in the 12th, and then VICTORY.

I called my 95 year old grandmother after the game (she’s an avid Twins’ fan and has had heart bypass surgery) partly to see how her heart did.

The game last night was easily the most exciting game I’ve seen the Twins play since the 7th game of the 1991 World Series. The only game that might be comparable was the Twins playoff victory against Oakland.

One note to all fans—I know that the Twins are huge underdogs against the Yankees. But don’t accept a loss before the series even starts. Thinking the Twins could beat the Yankees is not any more improbable than thinking the Twins could beat the Tigers in the 1987 playoffs. Besides, in professional sports no guarantee exists that the Twins will be back in the playoffs any time soon. I’m going into this series thinking that this inexplainable run does not have to end.

I discovered a new way to celebrate after the Twins victory. Many of my Facebook friends were posting comments after the game. I hit the “like” button on every comment that I saw and then enjoyed reading the responses. I know that was nerdy, but screaming at the TV for almost five hours is not rational either. I guess I experienced a “virtual celebration?”

Oh and a note to all Chain of Lakes participants—don’t let the game stop you from attending the first week of Alpha. We’re meeting at 6:00 tonight at the Hampton Inn in Lino Lakes. We’ll give updates on the game at our event. Bring your cell phones and put it on gamecast.

Only in the Metrodome could a game like that be played. Metrodome Magic! Go Twins!

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Duane said...

Wonderful, Paul. And what a game it was.