Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ever since I started at Chain of Lakes in February 2009 I've sent out a every-other month Prayer Newsletter. The aim is to encourage people in our Presbytery and beyond to keep Chain of Lakes Church in their prayers.

People tell me all the time that they are praying for us at Chain of Lakes. Thank you!! The following is the first page of the Prayer Newsletter that we E-mailed out today. If you would like to receive the entire Prayer Newsletter, send an E-mail to Thanks for all the prayers!!

During a talk in worship this past Sunday, a Chain of Lakes participant compared starting a new church to a roller coaster ride. He ended the talk by saying that if he was younger he would jump off the chancel and shout “Wheeeeeeeeee”

What a ride we’ve had during the past two months!! Consider how the Spirit is leading us:

We had a Grand Opening service where 110 people attended. Forty-three adults and youth attended from our community at Chain of Lakes. Nineteen Presbyterian churches sent representatives. We collected approximately 60 Haiti Hygiene kits which will be sent to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. In my blog I called the day a “Symphony of Wows”

Soon after the Grand Opening we started Sunday School. We’ve had between eight and thirteen children attend Sunday School. Most of these children and their families were not previously connected to a faith community

We’re offering three small groups for the people at Chain of Lakes and for the community. We had three people from the community attend our book discussion on “The Shack.”

During the past three Sundays we’ve ranged between 39 & 47 people in worship

We’ve seen the expression of joy among many people at Chain of Lakes. Last Sunday in worship a woman celebrating her 80th birthday stood up unannounced to share how much the people of Chain of Lakes meant to her. Then the woman sitting next to her stood up to say the same thing; afterwards she shared with me that she cut short her unsolicited talk because she would have started to cry

Your prayers are helping! The spiritual energy that we are experiencing at Chain of Lakes can only come from God. I was especially touched by all the prayer cards that people filled out at our Grand Opening. (See above picture) It is humbling to know that we at Chain of Lakes are a part of your daily prayers. Thank you for your spiritual support of Chain of Lakes! Your prayers are making a difference.

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