Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wonderful week of Vacation Bible School!

Tonight is the fourth and final night of Vacation Bible School. We have enjoyed an outstanding Bible School at Chain of Lakes this year. Last year's Bible School went well, and this year's is even better. We've had excellent attendance-23, 19 & 21 kids--and we've had a few new families send kids to Bible School. Our adults have done an outstanding job of leading Bible School. Last night I watched Gary Wassam & Tiffany Godfrey lead three different groups in Story Time. The two of them did a marvelous job of having the children act out the story of Jesus healing a blind man. I was touched by the passion that Gary and Tiffany had for working with their groups. I've seen this passion on the faces of many of our adult volunteers this week at Bible School. Thanks to all adults who have given their time to help this week. Many adults have spent four nights at the Senior Center this week helping out. This commitment to our youth and children leads me to know that we at Chain of Lakes are well on our way to living out our Core Value of "Investing in Future Generations."

I'm also touched that the kids in Bible School have responded so well to the service challenge we gave them. Earlier this summer Manna Market shared with us their need for rolls of toilet paper. So though this might seem to be a bit of an odd service project, our Education Team decided to have kids at Bible School bring rolls of toilet paper. We set a goal of 350 rolls. This was a stretch goal, and on the first night the kids seemed a bit overwhelmed by bringing that much toilet paper. Now it appears we underestimated the generosity of our kids!! We already have collected 347 rolls and still have another night of Bible School left. James Chapman-the pastor of Son Light Church which runs Manna Market-was so impressed by this response that he is personally coming to Bible School tonight to pick up all the toilet paper.

Just like last year, Vacation Bible School has shared a vision of what our children’s ministry at Chain of Lakes can be!

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