Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can a Vikings fan root for the Packers?

I’m not as rabid of a Vikings fan as in the past, but I still care whether the Purple win or lose during a fall weekend. After worship on Sunday my family is going to a Packers’ fans house to watch the Super Bowl. The question for me is, “Can I root for the Packers?” Would I be losing my Vikings purity by donning a green-and-gold uniform and cheering, “Go, Pack, Go!”

I grew up in southwestern Minnesota, so the Packers weren’t the terrible enemy that many folks in southeastern Minnesota and the Metro still view them as. When I was a kid the Packers were terrible. I didn’t see the Packers as a rival because most of the time the Vikings beat the Packers. Even when the Packers won an occasional game against the Vikings in the 70’s it seemed more of an aberration.

I asked football expert, Gary Wassam his opinion on this rooting for the Packers conundrum. The following paraphrased ideas are what he had to say

“The question is whether you can be a gracious loser”
“Even when politicians lose elections the day after is a day of graciousness. It’s not a time to be sad or angry, but a quiet day to reflect.”
“It’s not healthy to be rigid in our love for the Vikings and our hatred of the Packers.”
“Even in the church—and the Presbyterian church—we discuss and debate. Sometimes our ideas prevail and sometimes they don’t. Hopefully we don’t go home feeling like a loser or like a proud victorious winner.”

I can only conclude the following—“Go, Pack, Go!”

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