Thursday, January 12, 2012

Questions Thinking People Ask about the Bible

This Sunday, January 15th I am starting a sermon series called, “Questions Thinking People Ask About the Bible.” For the past month I’ve asked people at Chain of Lakes Church to ask the questions they’ve always had about the Bible, but never had answered. I received a large number of questions—including questions from some children at Chain of Lakes.

I particularly enjoyed the questions the children asked. They asked them in a response to a Facebook query I made. Their questions were:
• How many times does the word "water" appear in the bible?
• Will the Bible have a number 2, like Toy Story or Cars!!!" Basically, will there be a sequel?
• Why is God the only one who is a hero in the Bible?"

I’ll be responding to their questions during the Time for Children on Sunday.

This Sunday I’ll be addressing the questions, “Why should I pay attention to the Bible? What gives the Bible its power?

I asked people on my Facebook page their thoughts about these two questions and have received a lively response. Check it out at:!/hmoorepaul/posts/2604600353441?notif_t=feed_comment

I can’t wait to preach on these questions this Sunday. We will be worshipping in a reflective style on Sunday based on a Taize service. Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. at the Lino Lakes Senior Center, 1189 Main. I believe that everyone who comes will experience the presence of God and learn something new about the Scriptures.

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