Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reasons to say "Yea God!" at Chain of Lakes Church

Everyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite expressions is “Yea, God!”  2012 was the best year we’ve had at Chain of Lakes. This past Sunday at the Annual meeting I shared four reasons that our new congregation can say “Yea, God!” 
  • New people—many of them young.  We received an influx of young people at Chain of Lakes in 2012.  So much so that we have started a new group called, “Club 20-40.”  The group is meant for people in that age range.  The presence of this group has given our congregation a wonderful sense of energy and vitality.  On Saturday our group went sledding at Como Park.  As I looked around at the group I came to the realization that none of the people who came knew each other a year ago.  They were all strangers—and now had become friends!  There is great potential in this new group.
  • Hiring of Kristel Peters as our Music Director.  After a lot of prayer, God was very good to us in calling Kristel Peters to be our Music Director.  Her story of finding out about the job and then applying could not have been planned by any of us!  Her experience in the church and her relational gifts has led folks to want to share their musical gifts in worship.  In her brief time here she has already started to empower people to be music leaders.  I fully expect that our new congregation will soon have a band who frequently leads worship along with frequent special music.
  • Moving to Da Vinci Academy.  We had hit a plateau while worshipping at the Lino Lakes Senior Center.  That facility was a good choice at the beginning of our journey together, but we weren’t developing there.  Many Sundays I came home from worship thinking that we felt like an old, small, Presbyterian church—exactly the opposite from what a new church should be like.  Thankfully God—and yes, I believe God gave us this opportunity—led us to worship at Da Vinci Academy.  We are closer to our eventual property, we have learned that we can set up and break down every Sunday, we are receiving visitors, and we feel like a new church.
  • The gift of property that the Presbytery of the Twin Cities gave to us.  The property gives us a focus for the future.  We know now the immediate area which we will target.  It’s important for us to remember that the property is a tool to be used to help us live out our Purpose and Core Values. 
Some other “Yea, Gods” for 2012 are the partnership with Lino Lakes Elementary STEM, the amazing stewardship of the congregation, the moving service with the Cameroonian community in November, and the baptisms we celebrated at the end of the year. 
When you are done reading this blog, would you take some time to keep this precious ministry of our new church in your prayers?  Starting a new church from scratch can only be done when we are in tune with what God wants.  God has unbelievable desires for the ministry of Chain of Lakes Church.  Please keep praying to God that these desires will be lived out.

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