Thursday, July 25, 2013

Terrific week at Chain of Lakes Church!

What a terrific week we’ve had at Chain of Lakes!  It started this past Monday night at the fundraiser we did for the Yellow Ribbon campaign at the pavilion in the Lakes area.  For one of the first times this year when we’ve organized an outdoor event, the weather was almost perfect.  Many people came to enjoy the fundraiser—at least 150.  Many of them live in the Lakes area.  Steering Committee member, Dave Nyberg shared this past week that our congregation was the Lakes community this past Monday night.  We netted over $1,100 for the Yellow Ribbon campaign—which is impressive in that we only sold tickets for $5 a piece.  A big thanks to the Steering Committee for organizing the event and to Val Owens, Dave Nyberg and Jennifer Huehns for taking the lead.  Pictures from the fundraiser are on my own Facebook page. 
Then last night we had one of the best worship services of the summer at Sundaes on Wednesday.  It was a privilege to have Community Presbyterian Church in Plainview be a sponsor for worship.  They sent eleven people who traveled over two hours and through rush hour traffic to be with us in worship.  I served that church as a pastor for 16 years.  It was very special to have two parts of my own journey come together in one worship service.  The Spirit was beautifully present during worship.  Many people were in tears at some point of worship, and we enjoyed one of the largest turnouts of the year.  Yay, God!
A special thanks to Rev. John Curtiss, pastor of Community Presbyterian Church, for encouraging his congregation to join us last night.  It is a rare pastor who is so willing to be supportive of his congregation’s former pastor. 

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