Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reflections on turning 50

Yesterday I turned 50.

I know this is a milestone birthday, but to be honest it felt like just another day.  When I turned 30 I said that the only difference was the turn of two digits.  This feels the same.  I got a lot of “you’re getting old” cards and some good-natured ribbing, but I don't feel that much different.    

What I do know is I am blessed.

I have a terrific wife.  She invited me to a birthday lunch at St. Joe’s Catholic Church.  They lined the hall with RIP gravestones, and we all had some good laughs.  Later in the day she wrote out 50 things she likes about me.  I can hardly write out fifty of anything, so having her do that was the best present I could receive.  

I have a terrific daughter.  Though she is in seventh grade—Middle School, argh!!—she is still willing to give me a hug.  She “lets” me take her to basketball games and “lets” me give her some tips on her basketball play.  She’ll come to church without being asked and treats everyone with a kindness that is her own.  

I have a terrific job.  How many people in their lifetime receive the opportunity to start a new faith community?  Even though we haven’t grown to the size we had anticipated, I passionately believe that our “growing” days will coming.  I love the people, our leaders and especially the staff at Chain of Lakes.  I love the generosity of the people at Chain of Lakes, love our balance of personal faith and social ministry, and most definitely love our willingness to try new things.  Yay, God!

And I’m blessed to be loved by a God who frequently surprises me.  God is willing to put up with my questions, complaints, praises and passionate petitions.  My four life goals are to love as Jesus loved; grow to be like Christ; be a blessing to others; and help bring in God’s kingdom.  I’m just as committed to those goals as when God helped me come up with them about ten years ago.

I have a lot of other blessings too—terrific parents and an understanding sister; a beautiful house and many friends—it’s just too bad they don’t live closer.  My health is still good and I have some time to run and write.

Oh sure—my life isn’t perfect.  I’m Reformed, so I don’t believe in perfection.  I could easily share a blog detailing complaints, but I like to stay positive.  I’ll save my complaints for my prayer life.  I’m excited about the journey ahead.  I haven’t hit middle age angst, and am praying that I won’t.  I’d love to live to be a hundred and think it’s possible.  But whatever happens I can grab hold of these blessings as two digits of my age turn again.

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Anonymous said...

Very well stated Paul - U are truly the hands and feet of Jesus - We are all called to be like Jesus Our Saviour- Keep up the good work Paul and let's you and I and Barry head to a game in May:-) TM