Monday, July 21, 2014

Minnesota Twins--stick a fork in them

Yesterday, Amy, Hannah and I went to Target Field to see if the Twins could break their two-game losing streak against the Rays. 

I was hoping that Kevin Correia could be our stopper.  Which in retrospect was a high expectation considering he leads the majors in losses for a starting pitcher.  Before I could even find my seat Desmond Jennings cracked—I could hear the crack from the walkway in centerfield—a double.   Correia walked the next two batters and Evan Longoria came up with the bases loaded.  Nice start.

The Twins were fortunate to get out of that inning only behind two runs and very fortunate that they were even in the game when Correia left after the fourth inning. 

Our starting line-up didn’t inspire much confidence either.  Granted it was a Sunday line-up, but when Eduardo Escobar has the highest batting average of those who put on helmets something is wrong.  If my memory serves me right when he came over in the Liriano trade he was supposed to be a good-field, no-hit guy.  Now he has the highest average of the starting nine.

It truly was ground-hog day at Target Field on Sunday.  I felt like I was watching the same game I witnessed two weeks ago against the Yankees.  The Twins fall behind early; the game looks like a laugher; somehow the Twins hang around and have a chance at the end; we get excited in the ninth because the tying run is on base, but … you know the finish. 

I can cut the Twins some slack as their highest paid batter—Mauer—and highest paid starting pitcher—Nolasco—are on the disabled list.  But this isn’t a team that should inspire Terry Ryan to make a Don Baylor—come on, some of you remember that move!—type of transaction.

This team is better than the three previous 90 loss teams, but that doesn’t matter if it’s obvious in the middle of July that they have chance at making the playoffs. 

The Twins keep trying to sell us hope—in the second inning we were told on the scoreboard that Byron Buxton was their Minor League Player of the Week.  But let’s be honest.  I didn’t buy tickets yesterday to watch Byron Buxton.  I’d like to see a team that gives me some semblance of hope of making the playoffs and even going deep in those treasured games.

I have three games left to watch this year.  Amy told me she doesn’t want to go to any more games.  I’m sure her sentiment is widely shared.  I’ll keep enjoying a Twins upgrade when I attend a game, but I’d rather attend feeling excited about the team.   I’ll keep rooting and watching, but I’m ready to stick a fork in them for 2014. 

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