Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Sports for a week!

Yesterday I reached my tipping point when it comes to sports and their influence in culture.  Listening to the controversy about Adrian Peterson’s actions was just too much.  I’m terribly sorry for Tyrese Ruffin, his son, who had to endure multiple whippings from his dad.  Just as I’m terribly sorry for Janay Palmer, Ray Rice’s wife.

I’m not interested in supporting such terrible violence.

So I have decided to not watch any sports for a week.  No watching on television, no reading about it in the newspaper (I’m throwing away the sports section of the Star Tribune each morning), no going to any web sites (no startribune.com, espn.com, or any web sites where I might read about sports), no listening to any sports radio station (K-FAN or 1500-KSTP).  I don’t plan on finding out how the Gophers do on Saturday, the Vikings do on Sunday and even how the Carleton Knights, my all-time favorite squad, do against Augsburg this Saturday. 

I have been a sports fan my entire life.  Anyone who has read my blogs or followed by Facebook posts know how sports are an important part of my life.

But I am tired of the amount of attention sports receive.  I think my next door neighbors—who are both teachers—deserve much more attention, respect, and money than any professional athlete.

I don’t expect my action to change anything.  But I do know that I’ll have more time on my hands.  Last night I read a book instead of watching the Twins.  I got more sleep as I turned off the TV before the sports came on during the ten o’clock newscast.  I had more time this morning as I didn’t read the sports section of the newspaper.  When I have some Internet time I go to a news web site instead of catching up with the sports world. 

I’m curious about what will happen to my favorite teams this week, but I’m tired of the drama.  Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson don’t represent professional athletes, but they have certainly given the profession a black eye.  I’m taking a break.

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