Monday, November 21, 2016

Trivia questions about Chain of Lakes

Yesterday I shared the following questions about Chain of Lakes with the large number of people who attended our stewardship dinner after worship.  See how many questions you get right!

Chain of Lakes Trivia
1.            At how many locations has Chain of Lakes conducted worship?
                a) 6         b) 5        c) 7

2.            What is the nearest Presbyterian church east of Chain of Lakes?

3.            What is the nearest Presbyterian church north of Chain of Lakes?

4.            What is the nearest Presbyterian church west of Chain of Lakes?

5.            How long has Chain of Lakes worshipped at its current Davenport location?
                a) one year         b) two years       c) three years

6.            What year did the Presbytery close on the property in the Lakes neighborhood?
                a) 2010                  b) 2011                 c) 2012

7.            How many adults came to the first meeting with Pastor Paul at the Rice Lake Professional Building?
                a) 10                      b) 16                      c) 20

8.            What church was originally approached to be the sponsor church of Chain of Lakes?
                a) Presbyterian Church of the Way          b) Church of the Master                               c) First Presbyterian, South St. Paul

9.            The proceeds from which of the following two closed churches helped the Presbytery purchase the property intended for use by Chain of Lakes?
                a) Warrendale Presbyterian Church         b) Waverly Presbyterian Church                               
                c) Reformation Presbyterian Church       d) Fourth Presbyterian

10.          What is the size of the property when it was purchased?
                a) 8.9 acres                         b) 12 acres                                          c) 15 acres

11.          What was one of the first fundraisers COL did for homeless teenagers?
                a) Pancake breakfast at Da Vinci                                b) Raffle               c) Sleeping in a box

12.          How many times has Chain of Lakes done Box City with Blaine High School?
                a) 3                         b) 2                        c) 1

13.          How many mainline churches not including Chain of Lakes exist in Blaine?
                a) 2                         b) 4                        c) 8

14.          What was the name of the school where Chain of Lakes did Sundaes on Wednesday?
                a) Northpoint Elementary            b) Roosevelt Middle School         c) Blaine High School

15.          How many years did Chain of Lakes do Sundaes on Wednesday?
                a) 2                         b) 3                        c) 4

16.          Chain of Lakes was featured in the Minneapolis Tribune?
                a) Yes                                                    b) No

1)            C             Da Vinci Academy, Hampton Inn in Lino Lakes,  Davenport, Roosevelt Middle School, Northpoint Elementary School, Abundant Life Church, Church property
2)            First Presbyterian Church in White Bear Llake
3)            First Presbyterian Church in Pine City
4)            Presbyterian Church of the Master in Coon Rapids
5)            B             Two years
6)            C             2012
7)            A             Ten adults
8)            A             Presbyterian Church of the Way
9)            A             Warrendale Presbyterian Church
                B             Waverly Presbyterian Church
10)          A             8.9 acres
11)          A             Pancake breakfast at Da Vinci
12)          A             Three times
13)          A             Two—a United Methodist Church and (ELCA) Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
14)          A             Northpoint Elementary
15)          C             Four
16)          Yes

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