Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My wife, Amy wrote the following note for Pax Christi Catholic Church in Rochester, MN . This appeared on the front page of their bulletin this past weekend. As a way to honor mothers and to honor her as a mother, I asked her and she gave me permission to include what she wrote on this blog.

Lyrics by Donna Butler, Sung by children on Mother’s Day Weekend
God bless the mother who sings to her child,
Peaceful and calm, her words soft and mild.
God, bless the mother awake in the night,
Rocking her child ‘til morning light.
God bless the mother forgiving and wise,
Sharing God’s grace through the light in her eyes.
God bless the mother oppressed by her fears,
Carried by faith ‘til hope reappears.
Gather all mothers in tender embrace.
Grant them your courage, your wisdom and grace.
Honor their place in your sacred design,
Of healing the world one child at a time.

A message from Amy Moore, mother and parish administrator:

Thank you, Fr. Caesar for asking me to write the reflection this week.

Thank you, Joe Kelley for asking my daughter, Hannah to be in the choir of children
singing this song at the masses this weekend.

Thank you Pax Christi parish, for your support these past weeks as I have announced our relocation to the Twin Cities at the end of June. I will miss this parish greatly, as you have been a beautiful example of Mother Mary to me for so many years. These past 12 months have been especially tender to me, as my son Drew has been serving our country in Iraq since last June. As I read the lyrics to the song, I feel more like the child than the mother. Our Mother/Church has tenderly embraced me, sung to me, brought healing to me and granted me courage, wisdom and grace this past year. As all mothers know, our children are always our children, whether they are in 2nd grade receiving their First Communion, or thousands of miles away in a desert. Our children turn to us day after day to ease their fears. Where does our strength come from? Personally, being held up in prayer “til hope reappears,” has sustained me. There are days when we as mothers, whether we are new moms, blue star moms, or mothers of grown children, cannot find the strength to pray. Thank you to those who hold us up in prayer. Thank you Mother Mary for being such a beautiful example of motherhood for us. You never ask more of any mother than you have already given.

Blessings to all mothers this weekend. Amy

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