Friday, May 8, 2009


This link shares the post card that we are using for our "?Why" series:

I am very excited about the "?Why" series and encourage everyone to attend.

The premise for the series is simple. As a church we are attempting to respond to questions about God that people have. We asked everyone in our Emerging Community the following question, "If Jesus walked into the room and said you could ask him one question that started with the word, "why," what would your question be?" Our group planning this series came up with a long list of questions. Eventually we whittled the questions down to the four we are using for the series.

We're meeting at Abundant Life Church. That faith community has graciously opened their doors to us. The address of Abundant Life Church is 1105 117th Ave NE in Blaine, MN 55434

I have learned all sorts of new skills is preparing for this series.

I shared on my Facebook page the other day that the skill set needed for pastors is much greater than it was 15 years ago. I spent four or five hours last week designing the card that you can view on the link at the top of this blog. I have no training in designing cards. I had an idea for what I wanted the card to look like and played around with a Publisher file. I then sent the card via E-mail to people who are helping plan this series. They gave me some excellent suggestions and the final product is at the above link.

This morning I spent a hour trying to figure out how to embed this card into my blog. I couldn't quite figure out how to do that and don't want to spend two or three more hours of my time learning how to do that. Because I haven't learned this skill you have to go to a separate link to look at the card for this series instead of looking at an image of the card at the top of this link.

Which leads me to a question. Does anyone know how to embed a publisher file into blogger? I would like the image of this post card to be at the top of today's blog; I don't want a link to the post card. Who knows how to do that? If you know how to do that, put a comment on this blog or E-mail me at

As we grow as a church we'll find people who have these skills.

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