Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spiritual blessings

The following devotion from Upper Room spoke to me this morning as I prayed on this beautiful, Minnesota, June day. The devotion can be found at: May all of us enjoy a day of many spiritual blessings. May the church communicate to the world the power of these blessings. May these blessings fill the hearts of the people we know.

“WHEN I arrived in the city where I now live, I saw a beautiful place, where many people vacation. To show God how I appreciated being able to live in such a city, I engaged in social work. For 15 years, as a volunteer I have managed a Christian organization that meets the needs of almost five hundred impoverished children.

Recently, I was surprised when a skeptical friend expressed doubt that I would work for free. The friend thought I am crazy to work without pay.

While meditating on what my friend had said, I received a call from my mother, who is 82, lucid, and healthy. She told me how beautiful Sunday worship had been. When we hung up, the phone rang again. My six-year-old grandson, filling my heart with joy, asked if we could go to the beach that week. Of course I said we could.

I don't work for money, but I am rich. My mother's good health, a hug from my grandson, the beauty of the city, a walk on the cool sand on summer mornings, a family dinner, laughter in the living room - what blessings! They are immeasurable, and more valuable than anything money can buy.

Orlando Lima Coutinho (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

God of abundance, thank you for your grace. How great are all the blessings that fill our lives! Amen.”

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