Friday, June 5, 2009


This Sunday, May 31 we are holding our third “?Why” session at Abundant Life Church in Blaine, 1105 117th Ave NE. The topic is an excellent one—“Why does one God have so many different denominations?”

Many people struggle with the plethora of churches. In preparing for this talk yesterday I did some research on all the different Presbyterian denominations. Other expressions of being Presbyterian besides the PC(USA) are:
Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Cumberland Presbyterian Church

I’m guessing that some other Presbyterian expressions exist. Is it good that so many different denominations exist? What does God think about this? Would the church be a better place if we only had one church?

Being married to a Catholic I have an unique perspective about this question. I’ll be sharing this perspective this Sunday night.

I encourage you to come. I don’t think you’ll regret your attendance!

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