Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Resurrection Prayer

What a wonderful first Easter worship experience we enjoyed at Chain of Lakes this past Sunday!! I shared with the gathered community on Sunday that at Chain of Lakes we will be worshipping on Easter until Jesus returns, whenever that is; however we will only have one, first Easter service. The people who came this past Sunday were part of that first service.

This past Sunday w enjoyed a very large attendance—69 people. We barely had enough room in our sanctuary to seat everyone. Not counting the Grand Opening, when many people came from other Presbyterian churches, this was by far the largest worship attendance at Chain of Lakes.

The service went very well. Many people made positive comments about the sermon—which is posted at:
My daughter, Hannah, sang with grace (and I’m certainly biased about her singing), and the baptism of Bill Fink was very special. I am especially touched that the first baptism we celebrated at Chain of Lakes was an adult baptism. The picture above is of Bill being baptized.

At the end of worship everyone was given a card with a Resurrection Prayer that I wrote. The prayer is as follows:

I choose to be a person of resurrection orientation
Because of the resurrection I will look for hope in all situations
I will ignore the messages of despair that I hear so much in the world
I will intentionally nurture this resurrection orientation in me
I will go out of the way to help others experience this resurrection orientation
I acknowledge that the 17 words from the angel can change the world
I pray this change begins with me.

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Neal Lloyd said...

Whoopee!!! (That's a non-theological "Praise the Lord") May the Spirit continue to grow the congregation there in the Chain of Lakes!