Monday, February 15, 2016

Healthy Disagreement

Yesterday I had the opportunity to preach for the first time since Christmas Eve.  I started a sermon series on the gospel of John.  The sermon can be viewed here:

I ended the sermon by talking about Healthy Disagreement.  Each Sunday we're going to go deep into one of the eight Core Values of Chain of Lakes.  I gave some tips on disagreeing with someone in a healthy way.  The following list is certainly not complete, but it's a good start for healthy disagreement with another person:

One, when I disagree with someone I don’t talk about that person to another person. I talk directly to that person.
Two, when I approach a person with whom I have a disagreement I do it in love. I don’t try to overpower that person or manipulate them. 

Three when someone approaches me about a disagreement the person has with me, I listen. I don’t get defensive. 

Four if the person has a disagreement with another person, I will say in a loving way, “why don’t you talk to that person.” Even if I have an opinion I don’t share it too freely.

Six if someone is pushing our buttons, I will lift that person up in prayer every day 

Seven I will pray about my own buttons.

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