Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Health news

Two months ago yesterday I had open heart surgery at the 'U of MN hospital. I celebrated yesterday by running for twenty minutes on the treadmill at a pace that is not too much slower than what I was running before I had surgery. I'm going to continue my cardiac rehab until I can run a 5K without stopping--which should happen in less than a month. Then it will be on to running a half marathon this fall. I can't imagine my recovery going better. I've been back to work for three weeks and haven't had to take a nap since I started working again. Yay, God ! My energy level is getting closer to what it was before the surgery. My recent echo cardiogram showed my heart is normal--and right now I like normal. I won't see a doctor in six months. My sternum aches at the end of the day, but nothing that some tylenol won't handle. I am still in awe at the beautiful support I received from my two red heads, family, Chain of Lakes angels, neighbors, and many others. All of this support makes recovery go so much better!

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~ Rochelle said...

Wonderful news Pastor Paul!! Thanks be to God. Keep up "sensibly" working on increasing your capacity - your recovery plans sound quite aggressive.