Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Investing in Future Generations

On Sunday, February 21 I closed my sermon by examining the Chain of Lakes Core Value called "Investing in Future Generations."  During worship we are looking at a different Core Value.  It seemed to appropriate to look at that Core Value on that day because we celebrated the baptism of Maxwell Maatman.  
You can watch the baptism here: https://vimeo.com/156199817            
You can watch the sermon here: https://vimeo.com/156203128
You can see a list of the eight Core Values at Chain of Lakes here: http://www.colpres.org/purpose-statement-values/

           We’re looking at a different Core Value in worship this Lent at Chain of Lakes.  Today the Core Value is “Investing in Future Generations.”  We understand this to mean that
"Our priority is to create an atmosphere where children, youth, and young adults grow in faith."          
         This Core Value is my favorite—it’s tied for first with the other seven Core Values we have.  I love it because we say that our priority is to nurture the faith lives of children, youth and young adults.  In a lot of churches the older people get to have their say.  But what we are saying is children/youth/and young adults get to have their say.  When we do ministry we always want to think about how this ministry will affect children/youth/young adults. 

            I hope that in 18 years when Maxwell graduates from high school, he will say that the people of Chain of Lakes were an ordinary group of people—who did extraordinary things.  I hope he says that the people of Chain of Lakes loved him so deeply that he couldn’t help but take Jesus seriously.  I hope that he says that we were part of a movement that ended teen homelessness.  I hope he says that we eventually built a building that served the community in extraordinary ways.  I hope he says he frequently saw water being turned into wine.  

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