Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day at Chain of Lakes

This Sunday is a BIG day in the life of Chain of Lakes Church. We have been getting ready for Mother’s Day worship for at least a month. We have a very special day planned. Every woman who attends worship will receive a special flower. My daughter, Hannah, will be singing. The children will share a special prayer with mothers during the Time for Children. We have a special power point presentation on mothers during the offertory; Kellie Burriss, our new Accompanist/Worship Leader will be singing as the presentation is being shared.

I can’t wait to share my sermon on the courage of Hannah. Hannah, and yes our daughter was named after the person in the Bible, displayed tremendous courage—courage as a mother. To get a preview of the sermon look at how Hannah responded to two questions. The first question was when her husband asked her, “Am I not more to you than ten sons?” (1 Samuel 1:8.) By reading the story we can infer Hannah’s answer. The second question is when the priest Eli accused Hannah of being drunk. Hannah is a model of courage.

We have been encouraging people in our congregation to invite friends and family to worship. I am mailing out about 30 invitations myself this week.

If you live in the north metro I encourage you to come join us for worship this Sunday. We worship at the Lino Lakes Senior Center, 1189 Main Street. It is located about a half mile east of the intersection of Lake Drive (#23) and Main.

If you don’t live in the north metro and can’t attend worship, pray for our day.

As I shared with our community via E-mail I can’t wait to see how the Spirit works in worship this Sunday. Having days like this Sunday is the reason I followed the call to become a New Church Development Pastor.

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