Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visit with my coach, Doug Cushing

I apologize for not writing a blog earlier in the week, but I’m still catching my breath after a whirlwind of a 48 hours. Doug Cushing, has been with me during this time. Our denomination offers a New Church Development coach for pastors of new churches. These coaches have been a pastor of a new church and have received training on how to be a coach. Doug is my coach. He and I talk on the phone at least once a month. We started this coaching relationship in December 2008.

He is an invaluable resource to me and to the people at Chain of Lakes. Last November six of us from Chain of Lakes spent a considerable amount of time with Doug at a New Church Development Conference in San Clemente, California.

As part of the coaching contract the coach spends at least once a year on site with the Organizing Pastor. This week was our week to host Doug. This past Tuesday I picked Doug up at the airport, drove him around our target area, helped him lead a meeting prior to our Presbytery meeting, and attended Presbytery. On Wednesday he and I met with our staff, met with our Executive Presbyter, met with my wife, Amy, and met with the Steering Committee at our meeting last evening. Today he met with the Church Development Team from our Presbytery this afternoon. Doug and I had plenty of opportunities to talk about Chain of Lakes Church and to talk about our ministry. He is going to write a report for us sharing his observations on what we’re doing. I’m looking forward to receiving his report and sharing it with the people at Chain of Lakes.

My head is still swimming with all of the ideas that Doug and I discussed during the past 48 hours. I think some significant changes could take place at Chain of Lakes over the next three months. Having a set of outside eyes is invaluable to us.

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