Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day at the Minnesota State Fair

Yesterday Amy, Hannah, and I drove to the Great Minnesota Get Together for our annual excursion. We decided to go on Tuesday because Amy discovered that this is the lowest attended day of the State Fair. Hannah and I mapped out an itinerary for the day and away we went.

As I was driving to the Fair I discovered that I forgot my cell phone at home. Hannah wasn’t happy. She had memories of two years ago when we kept getting separated from each other. I told her that people have enjoyed the Fair without cell phones for years. As long as we communicated with each other we wouldn’t get lost.

We had all decided that we wouldn’t eat breakfast before we went to the Fair—because we were going to enjoy breakfast at the Fair. I thought we were going to go to the French Meadow CafĂ©, but we found a breakfast tortilla from a food stand.

One of the first places we went was Giant Sing Along. This is a large karaoke area. At least thirty or forty microphones were set up where people could sing the words that were displayed on a very large screen. The microphones worked well. We could all hear ourselves sing. We didn’t see the Giant Sing Along Last Year. It’s a terrific idea. We went there at the beginning and end of our day. Each time we stayed longer than we anticipated. We had so much fun singing.

Our next stop was Heritage Square. We usually don’t go there until the end of the fair and regret not spending more time there. I enjoyed going through the used book store. Used book stores are a treasure and need our support. We bought three books for a very reasonable price. (Name of book store)

By that time I was getting hungry. The breakfast tortilla wasn’t filling my stomach. I went off to the Hamline Methodist Food Stand. I enjoyed a large dinner of Swedish meatballs. Yumm! I enjoyed talking to the volunteers who still staff the Food Stand. One of them told me that this Food Stand is the oldest at the Fair.

We were happy to get a bucket from the Home Depot exhibit and got a St. Thomas bag for the first time. We’ve tried to get a bag, but always went to their booth at the wrong time. This year we hit it just right. We were also fortunate to discover Lu Ann Hudson at the St. Thomas booth. She grew up on the same street as me in Worthington. I didn’t know she is a leader at Knox Presbyterian Church in St. Paul. Small world.

In the afternoon we went to the bleachers at the WCCO TV display. We were planning on getting there at 4 to view the 5:00 show. We were very pleasantly surprised to watch their 4:00 show. I was amazed at all the details that go into the show. Whoever is in charge of Production at WCCO TV is doing a great job.

We hit many of our favorite food spots. We enjoyed the Food Building for supper; I had a very tasty lamb wrap. We also shared corn on the cob, delicious pretzels near the animal barns—this was one of the best foods of the day, and plenty of water.

We finished our day by taking the Sky Ride as the sun was setting. Hannah sat with me. We both remarked how much we love the Fair. I didn't even miss my cell phone. We’ve gone to the Fair for every year of Hannah’s life except one. I hope that this will be a yearly tradition that will never end.

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