Monday, August 13, 2012

The Saint Paul Aints?

This afternoon Nicholas Backus from the Quad Press did an interview of me about the property celebration Chain of Lakes is having on Wednesday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m. Nick and I drove to the property and walked around on it. I was sorry that he got so many sand burrs on his pants—which I helped him pick off.

Even though I did get on his case once, Nick has done a great job of writing about Chain of Lakes. As we were talking in my office he shared that he liked my blog. I asked him if he had any topics I should write about. He replied that I should write my thoughts about the St. Paul Saints having a special night at the ball park for the atheists.

I saw a brief mention of this in the Star Tribune this past weekend; when I saw it I thought, “that’s really funny.” I can understand the reasoning of the Saints. They obviously host religious theme nights, so why not give the Atheists a night. The sponsorship fits the marketing niche that the Saints have developed as a quirky, fun baseball team. I thought it was a bit odd that they would cover up the “S” in the “Saints” signs in their ball park, but I’m going to take this as their attempt to have fun.

I highly doubt that anyone will become an Atheist because of this event or explore Atheism more. When Nick mentioned the sponsorship this afternoon I thought about how I wish I had gone to the game. I’d be interested to see what the Saints did at the game in partnership with the Atheists.

I don’t see Atheists as a threat to Christianity or the church. I know there has been a movement of more aggressive atheism in our country in the past five years. What I do see as a threat to the faith is people who are indifferent to the faith. I would rather have a conversation with an Atheist, then a conversation with someone who has no opinion about God or Jesus.

I would have a harder time with the Twins hosting a special night at the ball park for atheists. The Twins haven’t developed a “fun,” “quirky” niche. They are "Minnesota’s team." I’m sure that atheist groups go to Twins games as a group and probably have their name on the scoreboard just as many other groups do. But to have a special night exclusively for Atheists doesn’t fit their niche.

This is the last blog I’m writing this week as I’m going off on vacation until Saturday. I hope everyone reading this who lives in the north Metro will come to the Celebration on our property on Wednesday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m. See for more details.

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