Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Music Leader at Chain of Lakes New Church

I am very pleased to announce that Chain of Lakes New Church has hired Kristel Peters as our new Music Leader. Kristel’s first Sunday as Music Leader will be Sunday, September 23.

Kristel (the last part of her name rhymes with bell) has a long history of leading music in a local church. For almost four years she worked as a Music Intern at Grace Evangelical Free Church in Fridley. While she was there she planned and led Sunday morning worship services from the piano. She helped direct Grace’s chorale and orchestra, assisted with the children’s choir, and managed sound scheduling and equipment.

Kristel received a Bachelor of Arts in General Music at Trinity Western University in Langley British Columbia. In June 2011 she received a Master of Arts Degree from Bethel University

Our Worship Team was empowered to hire a Music Leader. We were very impressed with Kristel’s voice (she recently sang the Star Spangled Banner at a Twins game) and piano skills along with her education and church music experience. The piece that led us to offer Kristel the position was her genuine excitement about working in a new church. She shared in her cover letter that she enjoys working in a fast paced environment where she can work on multiple projects. We can certainly promise a fast paced environment.

Kristel will be moving to the north Metro from Bemidji within the next ten days. She will be working as an Administrative Assistant with the DNR in St. Paul.

When I talked to Kristel on the phone this week to offer her the job, I shared with her that I hope she will be with Chain of Lakes New Church for many years to come. We are excited that God has brought us a person who will build up our music ministry at our new congregation.

A special thanks to our Worship Team for the many hours they spent on the hiring process. Dave Nyberg (chair), Sally Leitch, and Angie Peek each went through many resumes, called to talk to candidates on the phone, called references, and then spent almost five hours this past Sunday discerning that Kristel is the person for this job. The work of these three went a long way to ensuring that we have a quality person in this very important position.

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sue johnson said...

Your congregation will be so blessed by having Kristel as your Music Leader. She has a heart of gold, is full of life, and just shines with a beautiful spirit. I'm happy for her & for all of you in this selection!
Sue Johnson